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How we helped Moseley Chapman & Skemp work from home

July 03, 2023
5 min read

Hubtel IT provide hosted telephony and IT support for Moseley Chapman and Skemp, a successful law firm specialising in a range of litigation. When the Covid pandemic hit and lock down was enforced, their team had to scramble from traditional working methods to a work from home mandate. 

For those organisations who were using legacy hardware and technology when the work from home rule was enforced back in 2020, the move to remote working was a costly and painstaking change. Hubtel IT were able to move swiftly for Moseley Chapman & Skemp and manage the process for them.  

Laptops were purchased, set up for remote access and shipped out to users ready for use at home. Office desktops had settings altered to facilitate remote access and diverts to mobile phones were implemented, ensuring clients could reach them as normal. After the initial change, we moved more of their services into the cloud whilst implementing cyber security measures to ensure they remained resilient and robust against the threat of cyber crime posed by remote working. 

It always pays to keep up to date with technology and be ready to adapt to any eventuality.  

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