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How we moved Platinum Nursing Care into modern telephony and IT

Health Care
July 03, 2023
5 min read

Platinum Nursing Care is a care home with nursing based in Coventry, that also specialises in looking after people living with dementia. Their motto of “People Above All Else” is centred around 4 core values of: quality, care, pride, and happiness and Hubtel IT are proud to partner with them. 

After working with Platinum Nursing Care for several years, Hubtel IT have seen them through the transition of SIP technology, IT support and latterly Cyber Essential accreditation. The nature of their work means that their communications channels and connectivity needs to be up and running 24/7 so we leverage the best technology in order for this to be achieved. 

Their SIP telephone lines are delivered across an ethernet circuit that guarantees them 99.9% up-time on a one-to-one connection with guaranteed bandwidth. Their circuit also serves to support their IT infrastructure which has recently undergone rigorous assessment to achieve Cyber Essentials certification, a standard which demonstrates their commitment to maintaining cyber security standards to mitigate against the most common forms of cyber attacks.  

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