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Call logging software

April 29, 2022
5 min read
Call logging software

Call logs are records of incoming and outgoing calls. Details recorded may include call origin or destination, length, date, and time. Business owners use call log data to identify trends like peak hours or customer locations, monitor call centre performance, and comply with industry requirements.

Reviewing call log information helps companies improve performance, assess lead generation and sales activity, and design efficient workflows. Call logs are beneficial for nearly all companies and industries. The top benefits include:

Enhanced Customer Support: Reviewing call logs will help you make a list of unanswered calls outside office hours and get back to them the next day.

Analysis of call traffic: You can report the staff’s time spent on the calls and how many calls get transferred.

Boost staff productivity: Check out incoming and outgoing call duration by an employee, extension, or phone number to identify areas for improvement.

Improve scheduling: Look at call logs and identify trends affecting the number of people who need to be scheduled per shift or day.

An excellent tool for teams working remotely: You will be ensured of the smooth operation of handling daily calls by your teams working remotely.

Call logging software can be a great asset for many organisations. If you would like further information, or want to know more about our IT support services Birmingham, get in touch with us today!

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