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Stratford Energy Solutions and Cyber Essentials – A Case Study

September 07, 2023
5 min read
Stratford Energy Solutions and Cyber Essentials – A Case Study

Based in Warwickshire, Stratford Energy Solutions design, plan, and install Solar PV and EV charging solutions nationwide.

They appointed Hubtel IT as their telecoms and IT support provider over a decade ago and have seen the relationship go from strength to strength, particularly recently since their achievement in becoming Cyber Essential accredited. Their need for accreditation was driven by questions raised from their insurance providers over cyber security.

When the Directors of Stratford Energy Solutions received questions from their insurance providers asking about the robustness of their cyber security, they knew to call their Account Manager, Marie.

Working with one another, Hubtel IT and Stratford Energy reviewed the questions only for a pattern to appear: these questions mirrored the requirements of Cyber Essentials.

Seeing an opportunity to bolster its reputation, Stratford Energy Solutions applied to become Cyber Essentials accredited.

What followed was a thorough process which Hubtel IT has perfected, designed to give organisations the best possible chance of being awarded the accreditation.

The first step was to install Cyber Smart Agent to every electronic device within the business to monitor them for potential security vulnerabilities. Next came a thorough Cyber Security audit that included patches and updates where potential flaws were found.

An on-site audit of physical hardware was then conducted which included remaining in regular contact with Stratford Energy Solutions as we reviewed their company policies and procedures to ensure they matched the requirements of the accreditation.

Although from the outside looking in it may seem a laborious process, Hubtel IT always remain on hand to guide, support, and advise every client when completing the Cyber Essential application.

Speaking of her experience leading this project, Marie told us,

“I’ve always loved working with the team at Stratford Energy. They have a great group of people and there is no way it’s been over a decade! They really recognised the value being Cyber Essentials accredited can bring and, as such, were a dream client. All in all, from our first correspondence to submission, the application only took one month and they were certified at the first request.”

Jason Savidge, Director at Stratford Energy Solutions said,

“I’m really proud to have been awarded the Cyber Essentials accreditation which demonstrates our commitment to cyber security. The process was relatively straightforward and easy to implement, with minimal impact on our day-to-day operations. I am grateful to Marie for keeping us surefooted when it comes to IT and I look forward to the future with Hubtel IT.

If you are interested in applying for Cyber Essentials but don’t know where to begin, or are keen to carry out a full audit of your existing IT systems, we would love to chat!

Contact us today and start your journey to making your business safe online.

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