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Digital turn off

February 24, 2020
5 min read
Digital turn off

Digital turn off: ISDN2/ISDN30 is closing.  Are you prepared?

When the UK’s digital network closes in 2025, you will need be looking for a VoIP service that will not let your business telecommunications down. If you already have a VoIP service but are suffering from a disjointed supply chain, a lack of existing provider support or want a one-stop shop for all your hosted needs, then we can help.

If you haven’t added VoIP to your business yet, don’t wait until 2025. Our IT support company Birmingham can help you get started today to take advantage of the benefits that a VoIP solution can bring.

The good news is…

If your current traditional telephony contract is up for renewal in the next few years, now is the time to start exploring the benefits and opportunities of VoIP technology. These include:

  1. Cost savings
    whether your chosen VoIP route is SIP or hosted telephone lines, you can benefit from a reduction in line rental compared to traditional lines. Calls are also cheaper as they are bundled over the internet and are also free between your sites.
  2. Mobility
    remote workers can login to your VoIP from anywhere using an Internet connection, even on their mobiles.
  3. Collaboration
    video conferencing and file sharing can save your business time and money on travelling to meetings. It will also improve your carbon footprint.
  4. Multi-functional
    as well as voice calls, VoIP can also be used for videoconferencing using a VoIP phone.
  5. Integration
    because VoIP technology uses the Internet, it is possible to integrate it with your other business systems, such as your CRM database.
  6. Scalability
    VoIP technology scales easily to your business. New phone lines can simply be added, reassigned or removed depending on your needs.

When to act.

Now that ISDN is essentially viewed as a legacy platform, investment in it is likely to fall. This could mean that the standard of the existing network and support infrastructure could suffer the effects of being retired well before the 2025 switch off date. Our advice would therefore be to consider migrating to VoIP sooner rather than later.

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