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EDR – offering maximum protection

April 28, 2023
5 min read
EDR – offering maximum protection

As sophisticated as our technology has become in recent years, so too have the risks that threaten our sensitive information. This is where the cracks in our traditional form of online protection, Antivirus (AV), have started to show.

In response to these constantly evolving and malicious threats, online security vendors have new solutions to make up for AV’s shortcomings in the form of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).

What is EDR?

Where AV detects threats from a pre-established database of viruses, malware, and dubious links – which then removes them from your system, EDR autonomously collects data from ‘endpoints’ (computers, hard drives, virtual desktops etc.) to detect and provide measures against any malicious activity.

The databases that AVs use to check against, detect and remove threats must be constantly updated. The cause for concern is different vendors work from different datasets – meaning you can never ensure you have full protection against new and emerging threats.

EDRs however, alert when an ‘endpoint’ has been compromised, isolate and can even shut down programmes or systems to contain any detected threat. After which it provides forensic information to help security teams investigate and mitigate any malicious activity.

What protection does EDR offer over legacy AV?

  • Blacklisting and whitelisting applications
  • Fortifying devices by shutting down unused ports
  • Traffic filtering to and from endpoints using firewalls
  • Data encryption to render it useless to an attacker
  • Website and email filtering to protect from malicious content
  • 24/7 human support team to advise on and manage threats

It’s not a case of AV vs EDR – the two solutions work best when partnered together. By complementing your EDR solution with an AV engine, security teams can take advantage of the simple but useful blocking of known threats to enhance its advanced features.

Upgrading to EDR security

Here at Hubtel IT, our IT support Birmingham team offer enterprises a security audit. Using our experts, we evaluate and determine the strength of your security measures in place and offer ways you can fortify your business to protect against attackers.

This can often involve a recommendation to introduce an EDR into your arsenal to ensure maximum protection for your company and its sensitive data. We work with EDR vendor SentinelOne to supply our clients with the very best in autonomous data protection.

If you’re interested in receiving an audit or want an EDR in place as your frontline protection and not sure where to start, give us a call on 01675 466637 or email us at

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