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The Hubtel Panasonic buy back scheme

March 31, 2022
5 min read
The Hubtel Panasonic buy back scheme

The Hubtel Panasonic buy back scheme

Panasonic announced in 2020 that they would be withdrawing from the business communication market. This means that they will no longer be selling or supporting Panasonic telephone systems by 2023.

Why have Panasonic taken this decision?
As the market – and us as users – became more reliant on IT, Panasonic telephone systems became technologically outdated. Other manufacturers began to embrace newer features that IT could facilitate and Covid escalated the shift towards cloud-based solutions.

Not only has the Cloud gathered pace and popularity during the last couple of years, it also offers a more efficient way of working. Cloud based solutions are often more cost effective and will allow for scalability. Staying current with technology had never been so important as it was during the 2020 and 2021.

What this means if you have a Panasonic telephone system

There’s no immediate panic for anyone using a Panasonic telephone system. You can still use it for the remainder of its working life but bear in mind that replacement parts will eventually become harder and more expensive to source. This is also the case for additional equipment and upgrades that you might need if your business grows and you need to scale up your system.

The Hubtel Panasonic Buy Back Scheme

There are other changes happening in the telecoms market, chiefly the BT Digital Switch Off, which is again driven by consumer demand and the changing face of telecoms in an IT dominant market. If you are not yet using SIP lines or hosted services, then this change is heading your way and you will need to take action soon.

To tackle these two changes in one go, we’re offering our Panasonic clients a Panasonic Buy Back Scheme running from 1 April to 30 June 2022. As the name suggests, you can part-trade your existing Panasonic telephone system for a Cloud-based telephone system. This means the cost of the upgrade is reduced, you get a more efficient system and your overall telephone bill is reduced by utilising the latest technology.

Our advice is not to wait until your legacy hardware is at end of life – take advantage of our Panasonic Buy Back Scheme now and stay current, efficient and cost-effective.

If you would like to talk to us about using the Panasonic Buy Back Scheme then please call us on 01675 437307 or email why not learn more about our IT support company Birmingham?

For more information about Panasonic withdrawing from the market or about the BT Digital Switch Off, you can head to our YouTube channel:

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