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Why you might need a firewall

April 29, 2022
5 min read
Why you might need a firewall

Put really simply, a firewall is either a physical device or piece of software that monitors network traffic and controls what passes through you network.

You can think of a firewall as a gatekeeper. It will only allow certain traffic to pass through the gate – in this instance your network – based on a set of predetermined security rules. Because it monitors attempts to gain access to your network, untrusted or unrecognised sources can be blocked as a preventative measure. Of course, not all sources may be untrustworthy and if you can safely identify those that need access, permission can be granted to accept them.

Firewalls are a first line defence mechanism against hackers. They shouldn’t be confused with anti-virus software, which is designed to remove malicious viruses from your device once onboard, but considered as another weapon in your arsenal against the threat of cyber attacks.

Why should you consider a firewall? Here’s what a firewall will do for you:

  1. Monitor attempts to gain access to your network from external sources.
  2. Prevent authorised access.
  3. Enable you to block certain content that might be unsuitable for the workplace.
  4. Help protect older devices that are using outdated operating systems with lesser built-in security features.

Blue Click IT is a Cyber Essentials accredited organisation which means we have demonstrated our IT security measure comply with industry standards that are back by the government in accordance with the National Cyber Security Centre. If you would like your organisation to become Cyber Essentials accredited, then we can help get you there. Reach out for further information, or explore more of our IT services Birmingham, we’d be happy to chat with you.

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