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The Importance of IT & Comms in Schools & Academies

January 24, 2023
5 min read
The Importance of IT & Comms in Schools & Academies

Anyone who’s been in a school in the last few years knows how significant technology is. Not least because we all – adults and children alike – have become more reliant on technology to communicate, collaborate and share information.

Integrated technology in particular, such as interactive whiteboards and BYOD are becoming increasingly popular, phasing out traditional teaching tools. Teachers and education leaders realise the benefits that technology can bring when it comes to improving learning engagement and teaching efficiency.

How schools communicate with parents and carers has also improved with technology, whether it’s through online parents’ evenings, keeping up to date with homework to absence reporting.

Here at Hubtel IT our IT support company Birmingham is currently supporting over 40 schools and academies across the Midlands with their technology requirements. Hosted telephony, IT support and cyber security solutions is what we do. And, we’re Cyber Essentials Plus accredited to deliver support and guidance on all aspects of cyber security – a very real threat for schools.

When it comes to telephony we offer a huge array of specialty communication upgrades for schools, including: an emergency outdial; student record integration; GDPR-compliant call recording; tannoy systems; multi media management and much more. You can see more details on what specific support we offer to schools and academies here.

Cyber security for schools and academies should be at the heart of their IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, the prevalence of hackers ready to take advantage IT vulnerabilities have increased massively and their methods of attack have become more sophisticated. As a Cyber Essentials accredited company, you can be assured that not only are our own IT systems resilient, but we will work to ensure that yours are too. We’ve released a handy brochure to let you see what we can do for your cybersecurity, as well as our other services.

Many schools and academies use old infrastructure for their IT, and this puts them at a disadvantage – not just when it comes to cyber security, but also when it comes to embracing the benefits of IT and supporting their students. Here at Hubtel IT, we know how important finding that balance between affordability and effectiveness is for schools. We’ve got the expertise to help you strike this balance, whether you need a significant overhaul or minor tweaks.

More than ever before, schools are so intertwined with technology and that relationship will only build as we move into the future. We know it’s difficult for non-techies to stay on the forefront of what’s possible and what’s needed, but at Hubtel IT we can make sure you have access to all the technology you need. And, we will support you with that technology from its installation to being on hand for support.

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